Introduction of the latest technology in Cancer Screening Tests
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At December 2015, thanks to the full support of The Hong Kong Medical Associations Community Network –SDN and continuous Medical Education (CME) Convenor of SDN Dr. MAK Wing Kin for the engagement in supporting the health education activities in the medical community, our continuous medical education event entitled “Introduction of the latest technology in Cancer Screening Tests” was successfully being conducted with around over 60+ doctors were being attended. Very special thanks also to our distinguished speaker Dr. Peter SO who is a specialist in Clinical Oncology for updating two of our non-invasive cancer screening tests using blood specimen only and they were namely mS9 DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Test and Early Lung Cancer Detection Test (Early Lung CDT). We understand that if the cancer is detected in its early stages, then it is possible to prevent it from being lethal. We believe without being healthy, what are you going to do with your wealth! To learn more, please browse the following links:  mS9 DNA test:  Early Lung CDT test: About The HKMA Community Network The Hong Kong Medical Association Community Networks built in the districts during the outbreak of SARS in 2003 will be reinforced to support the health education activities and community health services at the district level of Hong Kong.
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