Colorectal Cancer Survey - Hong Kong citizens are at risk for colorectal cancer
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Colorectal Cancer Survey – Hong Kong citizens are at risk for colorectal cancer AceCGT organized a colorectal cancer survey during December 2015, and the findings were presented on 23rd February 2016. There are nearly six hundred local citizens aged 18 to 60 were interviewed. The survey revealed that only 34% of respondents regularly go for body checkup, of which only 6% took tests for cancer screening. There are various reasons that individual who does not perform the cancer screening test. First of all, a majority of people do not know “what is early cancer screening test”. Secondly, it is not necessary to have a cancer screening test. The result has shown that people are not paying attention to the top killer of Hong Kong - Cancer. mS9 DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Test (mS9 DNA Test) With the rapid advancement of biotechnology, the “mS9 DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Test”, developed by Abbott Molecular, is a new and efficient DNA technology for screening colorectal cancer. AceCGT Diagnostic utilizes the mS9 DNA Test to screen the examinee’s blood for traces of methylated Septin 9 DNA. Methylated Septin 9 DNA can be found when colorectal cancer develops within the body. mS9 DNA Test - Simple, Clean, Non-Invasive and Efficient Colorectal cancer can be detected in its early stage, it is possible to prevent it from being lethal. The mS9 DNA Test is operated in the laboratory of AceCGT Diagnostic; detection of the deadly disease couldn’t be easier. There are no dietary restrictions, no invasive procedures and it can be performed as part of a regular body check or standalone test simply by drawing blood from the examinee. Save lives from Colorectal Cancer with early detection To learn more, please browse the following links: mS9 DNA test: Early Lung CDT test: AceCGT Diagnostic Limited Tel: (852) 3979 3200 Url:
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