Corporate Wellness Talk Program at Barclays Capital Asia Limited (HK)
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Corporate Wellness Talk Program at Barclays Capital Asia Limited (HK) AceCGT’s Corporate Wellness Talk Program is intended to engage employees and employers get the most out of life. Our corporate wellness program will provide an exceptional opportunity for company and human resource department who recognize that having fit, healthy and happy employees can become their company’s greatest assets. Thanks to Barclays Capital Asia Limited, at early March 2016 AceCGT Diagnostic organized the wellness program for promoting the importance of colon cancer prevention and how to improve the gut health. Arranged by AceCGT Diagnostic, an expert team of healthcare professions including Geneticist Dr. Holly Leung (PhD), Specialist doctor Dr. Desmond Yiu (Specialist in Gastroenterology and Hepatology) and registered dietitian Ms. Joanne Chan shared their knowledge and some useful tips on non-invasive early detection test of colon cancer using blood sample, colonoscopy and ways to achieve healthy gut (i.e. using probiotics and prebiotics) for their top executives and the staff. AceCGT understand that if the cancer is detected in its early stages, then it is possible to prevent it from being lethal. Our mS9 DNA Test can be used as a screening test for colon cancer detection at the early stage of colon cancer. We believe without being healthy, what are you going to do with your wealth!
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